Ceramides Neocell 60 Caps - Ceramides Skin Hydrator 60 Caps

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Ceramides Neocell 60 capsules - Ceramides For skin 60 caps

This excellent formula supports the lipid barrier in the skin, which helps to retain moisture in the skin and soften the complexion.
Like all Neocell products, ceramides are standardized to be bioactive to maximize absorption and potency.
The rapid action of ceramosides.
Helps improve skin moisture and elasticity.
Reduce signs of aging in just 15 days.
Ceramides. Ceramosides.
Ceramides are specific lipids that are naturally present in the skin and important for the lipid or moisture barrier.
Ceramosides have been tested to increase smoothness, moisture and elasticity in just 15 days.
Ceramides are a group of scientifically tested multifunctional cosmetic ingredients that fortify the outer layer of the skin and act as a water barrier to prevent moisture evaporation through the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and elastic.
It also works to prevent the breakdown of skin collagen by inhibiting the collagenase enzyme that breaks down collagen.

Quality commitment..
Promoting collagen health at the highest level of quality.
The most effective collagen and related collagen product on the market is the result of a single concentrate from Neocell.
Through an enzymatic process, all collagen products are standardized to give maximum absorption.
They guarantee the dose of all active ingredients and provide the highest level of active functional support, often exceeding competitors' doses by 10 times.

Suggested use..
Take 2 capsules daily...