Vitabiotics Diabetone Original 30 Tablets

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Vitabiotics Diabetone Original 30 Tablets


One tablet per day of the preventive dietary supplement Diabetone

Controlling food types and dietary habits has a direct impact on public health. A balanced diet, weight control and a healthy lifestyle play a role. In addition, taking a dietary supplement such as Diabetone has the ability to provide you with some of the micronutrients you need daily.


Balanced nutritional composition

Diabetone is made from twenty one carefully selected nutrients to ensure that you get enough of your daily requirements. Among these components is chromium, which has a role in maintaining blood sugar levels, vitamin B6, which maintains protein digestion and sugar stores in the body, and vitamin B1, which participates in the functioning of the nervous system. This specialized formula also provides zinc, which contributes to the digestion and utilization of nutrients. Digestion is the chemical process through which the body breaks down carbohydrates, protein and fats in food to obtain energy and distribute it to the cells of the body.


Diabetone is the unique nutritional supplement whose formula has been researched to prove its efficiency

Dietary supplement

Diabetone is a multivitamin and mineral supplement for those who want to maintain their daily nutritional requirements. It is not a treatment for diabetes nor to regulate the metabolism, but is used to maintain public health. Diabetone does not contain (sugar-chemicals-hormones). You should take it under the supervision of a pharmacist or doctor.




Diabetone formulation

50 mg


700 mcg

Vitamin A

15 mcg

Vitamin D

20 mg

Vitamin E

120 mg

Vitamin C

30 mg


5 mg


45 mg


10 mg

Vitamin B6

400 mcg

Folic acid

9 mcg

Vitamin B12

200 mcg


10 mg

Pantothenic acid

100 mg


8 mg


15 mg


1000 mcg


2 mg


100 mcg


160 mcg


100 mcg




the components

Maltodextrin-ethyl cellulose-magnesium oxide-vitamin C-volume-increasing substances (small cellulose-thiamine-niacin-vitamin E from soy -zinc sulfate-crospividone) Covering materials (hydroxypropyl cellulose-hydroxymethyl cellulose-propylene glycol-ethyl cellulose) - Triglycerides (caprylic and capric) natural dyes (titanium dioxide - iron oxides)

Iron fumarates - vitamin B6 - pantothenic acid - antioxidant alpha-tocopherol - anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide - purified talc - stearic acid - magnesium stearate - vitamin D - silica)


Advice for people with allergies

See articles in bold


How to use

One tablet daily after the main meal

Swallow it with water or a cold drink

Do not chew

Do not exceed the daily dose

You should not take it on an empty stomach

This formula replaces other nutritional supplements, so there is no need to take other vitamins or minerals.


Does not contain (artificial colors - gluten - preservatives)

Suitable for vegetarians

It has not been tested on animals

Like all nutritional supplements, you should consult a specialist before use if you have any health problems or are allergic to any of the ingredients. Review the components listed in the largest font. The food supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy lifestyle. This product contains iron, which could be harmful if taken in large amounts by young children.


Store it at a temperature below 25°C in a dry place away from light and reach of children