Wellkid omega 3 children's vitamins 60 chews

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Wellkid omega 3 children's vitamins 60 chews

    The importance of omega 3

    Over the past ten years, people's awareness of omega-3 has increased, and taking care of your son's intake of omega-3 is an important step towards giving him a strong start to life. The National Food and Nutrition Survey indicates that eating fish rich in fat, which is a source of omega-3, is not enough for children who eat it less than once a week.

    Omega 3 is found in mackerel, sardines, and tuna. However, as all mothers know, most children do not like the taste of oily fish, so it is difficult to ensure that your child eats enough omega-3.

    Excellent taste without the fishy smell

    He's a picky eater with a good tasting supplement so Wellkid Omega 3 tastes great so kids love it. Chewable capsules from Wellkid are of high quality, which provide omega-3 fish oil without adding sugar, with a delicious orange taste.

    For children with more energy from 4 to 12 years old

    Wellkid Omega 3 is designed to suit children from the age of 4 to 12 years to be an ideal source of Omega 3 containing the main fatty acids EPI in addition to DHA, which are among the essential fatty acids because the body is unable to manufacture them, so they must be consumed through food. The number of researches that indicate the importance of these fatty acids is constantly increasing.

    It also contains 10 mcg of vitamin D (per 2 capsules), the level recommended by the British Ministry of Health. Vitamin D is important for the normal development of bones in children. It also plays a role in improving the functions of the immune system.

    The chewable omega-3 capsules were developed by a panel of nutrition experts in accordance with purity and quality standards.

    The importance of vitamin D3 for growth

    It plays an important role in the body. It is important for general health and normal bone growth in children. New research indicates that the daily required amount is much greater than expected in the previous period. Vitamin D3 is the best form of vitamin D for the body. It is manufactured in the body when exposed to the sun. However, many parents fear that their young children will be exposed to the sun because of their thin skin, despite the use of sunscreen creams, which reduces the amount of vitamin D in the body. Therefore, it is important for children to get vitamin D from food or a nutritional supplement such as omega-3 chewable capsules

    Vitamin D from food

    Vitamin D3 is found only in a few foods, such as fatty fish such as sardines, fish liver oil, eggs and butter. However, such food is difficult for a child to eat continuously. Since vitamin D is fat-loving, and many advise not to eat fat in large quantities, in addition to the fear of obesity in children, which leads to benefiting from only a small amount of vitamin D, which requires taking a nutritional supplement.

    Continuous traps

    Omega 3 capsules go through a purification process to ensure the quality of the oil. Each batch is rigorously tested to comply with WHO specifications

    the components

    Omega 3 582 mg

    IPA 150 mg

    DHA 100 mg

    Vitamin E 12 mg

    Vitamin D 10 mcg


    Omega 3 ( fish oil) - capsule cover (gelatin - glycerin - microcellulose) - for flavor (natural orange - corn sugar) - sweeteners (sucralose) - natural colors (yellow iron oxide - white titanium dioxide paste) - sweeteners mannitol-sucralose)- soy . Allergy Advice: See ingredients in bold.

    How to use

    Chew 1-2 capsules daily after meals

    Do not swallow

    Do not exceed the daily dose

    Do not give it to anyone under the age of four


    Contains soy - fish oil - gelatin

    It does not contain

    Artificial coloring materials - sugar - preservatives - lactose - salt - yeast

    It has not been tested on animals