Country Life Calcium Magnesium Complex 180 Tablets

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    Calcium and Magnesium Complex are essential minerals that are put together for maximum utilization.

    These essential minerals provide supportive benefits for both blood pressure and cardiovascular health, as well as bone health! Made with free amino acids.

    The capsules provide 1,000 mg of calcium, which promotes the growth and strength of bones and also has benefits for the heart; and 500 mg of magnesium, which is important for thousands of biochemical reactions in the body; and 500 mg of phosphorus, which promotes detoxification and strengthening throughout the body.

    Reduces the risk of osteoporosis!

    gluten free
    Does not contain yeast
    Does not contain wheat
    Does not contain soy
    It does not contain milk
    It does not contain sugar
    Contains no preservatives
    Does not contain artificial colours
    Contains no artificial flavors