Doctor's Best Saw Palmetto 320 mg

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Doctor's Best Saw Palmetto 320 mg


Saw Palmetto from Doctor's Best is one of the highest quality fruits and one of the most important herbs to support prostate function.

The main active ingredients in saw palmetto extract are 85% - 95% fatty acids and plant sterols.


Gluten free and non-GMO.


Available in sizes 60 - 180 softgel capsules


What is Saw Palmetto Extract from Doctor's Best?

It efficiently supports prostate functions. It contains saw palmetto extract in its purest form to ensure that it contains 85-95% fatty acids and beneficial plant sterols, which are the active ingredients of saw palmetto. The active ingredients are extracted via ultra-high carbon dioxide, so the final product is free from solvent residue.


How it works?

Saw palmetto extract is one of the most important herbs in the world that supports prostate health. Saw palmetto contains active substances that help improve the structure of the prostate gland, as proven in clinical studies, as its extract provides support for the functions of the urinary system and the structure of the prostate. The efficiency of the saw palmetto plant comes from the fact that it contains fatty acids and natural sterols (oleic acid - lauric acid - campesterol - stigmasterol - beta-sitosterol and other substances). Doctor's Best standards are to contain 95% fatty acids and sterols.


Daily Dosage: One capsule per day or more before or after meals, or as recommended by a nutritionally-informed physician.

Saw Palmetto Concentrate: 320 mg

Fatty acids: 288 mg

Other ingredients: gelatin-glycerin

Store it in a cool dry place