Natrol - Omega 3 1000 mg 150 Capsules

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Natrol - Omega 3 1000 mg 150 Capsules

*Product Description:

Product: Product description: Give yourself the benefits of healthy fats with Omega-3 from Natrol 1000gm of healthy, purified fish oil. You can provide your body with the balanced and healthy nutrients your body needs to support eye, heart and bone health.

The naturally occurring EPA and DHA in Natrol Omega 3 can help you achieve optimal health when added to your daily regimen.

**additional information:

Please consult a specialist before use if you suffer from or are exposed to health problems, are under treatment, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Individual results may change.

**How ​​to use:

Take one capsule twice daily with food.












Fat calories


1 gram

Total fat


0 grams

Saturated fats


0 grams

Trans fat



Lots of unsaturated fats


0 grams

Monounsaturated fats


10 mg



1000 mg

Omega 3 fish oil (anchovy-mackerel-sardine-cod)


180 mg

IPA (Cossapentaenoic Acid)


120 mg

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)


**The daily rate is not specified

* Daily rate based on 2000 calories

Other materials: gelatin, glycerin, water, a mixture of natural tocopherols (preservatives), natural lemon oil.