Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin B Complex 60 Tablets

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Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin B Complex 60 Tablets 

    B group vitamins

    Optimum Strength B-Complex Vitamins:

    The group of B vitamins from Vitabiotics includes the eight essential B vitamins that play a significant role in the body and help maintain general health, including the health of hair, skin and the nervous system.

    • B vitamins are considered water soluble, which means that they are excreted in the urine and can be quickly depleted from the body, which means taking a group of B vitamins daily helps protect your daily intake of essential B vitamins.
    • B group vitamins may be particularly suitable:
    • For men and women athletes.
    • Those who suffer from nervous lifestyles.
    • Vegetarians.
    • Those over 50 years old.
    • Those who need an extra nutritional boost.

    The B complex group of vitamins contains eight of the essential vitamins, namely:

    • Thiamin ( B1 )
    • Riboflavin ( B2 )
    • Niacin ( B3 )
    • pantothenic acid (b5)
    • Pyridoxine ( B6 )
    • Biotin ( B7 )
    • folic acid ( B9 )
    • Cyanocobalamin ( B12 )

    Brain and nervous system:

    B vitamins, which include vitamin B6, thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3) and biotin, contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system in addition to pantothenic acid which contributes to normal mental functioning.

    Hair and skin health:

    Vitamin B6 contributes to hormonal activity with biotin which maintains normal hair as well as riboflavin and niacin to maintain normal skin.

    Energy release:

    Riboflavin contributes to the normal metabolism of iron, which is known for its role in the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin for normal oxygen transport throughout the body, with vitamins B6 and B12, niacin and pantothenic acid to release natural energy and reduce fatigue.

    Heart health and homocysteine ​​levels (an amino acid):

    Thiamine contributes to the normal function of the heart. Vitamin B12 and folic acid contribute to the normal metabolism of homocysteine, which is an important factor in heart health.

    Immune system function:

    Vitamins B6 and B12 play a role in the normal function of the immune system.

    Recommended by Specs Hair:

    A group of B complex vitamins recommended by hair loss expert Spencer Stephenson, owner of the popular Specs Hair website, which provides scientific advice to those seeking healthy hair.


    Spencer, aka "Spex", is the internationally recognized hair loss and transplantation guru who has helped countless people including A-list celebrities by guiding them on the options available for hair protection, and also recommends B-complex vitamins to protect the daily intake of the nutrient. Key microelements, such as biotin, help maintain hair's natural health.



    The combination of B complex vitamins

    Vitamin B complex tablets:

    nutritional information

    average per tablet

    Thiamin (Vitamin B1)

    5 milligrams

    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

    1.4 milligrams

    Niacin (Vitamin B3)

    16 milligrams

    Vitamin B6

    5 milligrams

    Folic acid

    200 mcg

    Vitamin B12

    50 mcg


    25 mcg

    Pantothenic acid

    6 milligrams


    the components :

    Bulking materials: dibasic calcium phosphate, niacin (nicotinamide), vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) “carrier: dibasic calcium phosphate”, thiamine (vitamin B1 as mononitrate), pantothenic acid (calcium salt), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), Potato starch, outer layer of tablet: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, propylene glycol, ethyl cellulose, purified talc, natural colors source: titanium dioxide, red iron oxide, sodium starch glycolate, polyvinyl polypyridone, polyvinylpyrrolidone, anti-caking agents: Silicon dioxide, magnesium citrate, talc purified, riboflavin, folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic), biotin.

    How to use :

    One to two tablets per day, swallowed with water or a cold drink, do not chew, do not exceed the recommended dose, and can be used for a long time as long as required.

    • Free of artificial colours.
    • Free of preservatives.
    • Lactose free.
    • Gluten free.
    • Free of salt or yeast.
    • Not tested on animals.
    • Suitable for vegetarians.

    Dietary supplement:

    As with other nutritional supplements, a specialist should be consulted before using it, especially during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if you are under medical supervision or suffer from food allergies or any of the ingredients.


    Food supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


    Store at a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius, in a dry place, out of reach of children.